Welcome to the Law Office of Barry Patterson

The passionate representation of people like you is what makes us different. From your first phone call on, you will feel the passion our team has for taking care of you and for winning your case. You will sense that we are your legal dream team.

What you cannot tell until you call us or meet with us is how well we take care of our clients. You will be surprised how much your mind can be put at ease when you are comfortable and trust your legal team.

Our mission statement is the guide to how we represent you. It sets the service standard you can expect from us. It explains what we do and why we do it.

We provide you the highest quality of representation in our industry. We are relentless on your behalf and efficient in getting you the largest recovery your circumstances allow.

We are sensitive to your situation and understand your needs. We will accomplish your goals in accordance with the highest standards of our industry and represent you with dignity and class.

Licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire