GS Outfitting specializes in providing the best possible guided fly fishing experience in the heart of the Deerfield River water system. It isn’t necessary to travel far from home to experience magnificent and often overlooked fly fishing like the trophy brown trout that are found in Western Massachusetts.



“I’ve been in Gordon’s boat ten times over the last year and a half. I’ve never met such a positive, patient guide, who loves his job so much. I swear, the harder you make him work, or the more extreme situations you put him in, the more he loves it. I’ve fished with him in 25 degree, cloudy, windy weather and he had a smile on his face the whole day, especially when we caught fish.”

“On one float, I took my 10 yr old son who had never fly fished before. Henry took the biggest fish of the day because Gordon worked with him patiently to get the technical drift needed to take that big ‘bow.”

“Gordon is the guru of the Deerfield area waters and a treasure to the New England trout fishing community.”

“Gordon is not only a very highly skilled guide with great equipment, he knows the rivers and is just plain fun to fish with!”